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Inner Beauty

The "Inner Beauty with Petia” TV show is about helping you to create a beautiful life that feels amazing on the inside and not just looks good on the outside. Petia and her guests shares impactful strategies, insightful tips, mindfulness, well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Petia Kolibova, originally from Czech Republic, spent over 13 years traveling the world, living in 4 countries, learning 3 new languages, obtaining her bachelor’s and master’s degree in business all while looking for someone or something that would make her feel better and give meaning to her life. Then she decided to stop looking for the answers on the outside and tap into the inside.

Her journey of personal development and self-love started by finding the teachings of Louise Hay, a motivational author and self-love pioneer. That’s where Petia decided that instead of being a slave of her limiting beliefs and other people’s perceptions, she would master the art of loving life and sharing her light.

Today, Petia is authentically showing up and shining her own light from within, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same through her Speaking, Coaching, Radio and her "Inner Beauty" TV Show.