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Behind the Entertainment Scene

The “Behind the Entertainment Scene” show is hosted by Stephanie Thompson. Stephanie is an Actress and a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild/AFTRA and Actor’s Equity, a classically trained inspirational/pop singer/songwriter and voice over artist. She also has a degree in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance.

Stephanie released a CD of original songs which you can find on ITunes and wrote a Christmas song, “The Blessing of Christmas” which was turned into a music video and had great success on YouTube.

Stephanie interviews entertainers with inspirational stories, learns secrets to their SUCCESS and lessons they applied to their careers and lives. The “Behind the Entertainment Scene” show is one of a kind. It is entertaining and inspiring at the same time. Her amazing co-host Antonio Carnota a Singer, Composer, Actor, Music Conductor, Film Director and Incredible Pianist brings his passion and musical talent which creates a great duet with Stephanie’s.