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About Us

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Armount TV (Armount mean's Ararat Mountain) is the first local Armenian Television/Radio Network in Las Vegas based on programming, viewership and coverage.

Armount TV is broadcasting in high definition (HD) and in other formats, to provide 24 hours of entertainment and news programming. Most importantly, Armount TV is available for its viewers free of charge. It airs through local cable company COX Communications, Free to Air CH 31.1 and on www.armount.com web streaming.

Armount TV produce daily shows including morning shows, local and international news, and comedy and entertainment programs.

Live Broadcasting Playback Room

Armount TV employs a pull of talented hosts from Armenia and United States. Armount TV organize various concerts, theatrical plays and sports events throughout the year.

Armount TV strive to meet the needs and expectations of its viewers and its business partners in the United States and around the world. Armount TV is looking forward to business opportunities and to successful partnerships.

The objective of Armount TV is to contribute to the success of its business partners. Some of its clients include Friendly Ford, La Bonita Supermarket, Eric Palacios Law Group, Walker Furniture Company, Smiles Today Dental Group, Napoli Pizza and various other companies.