On the Border

Mar 24, 2016     admin   0 Comment     TV Series

This drama is based on the complex and distorted human destinies. It reveals all aspects of the life, which seems to be more glamorous at first sight. This is the world where human fates are broken, and the life swamp absorbs all of the light spots and makes follow cruel and unjust laws.

The main character is a famous athlete, who left the sport for the sake of art, but the life had prepared something different for him. Regardless of his will, the man who appears in criminal environment tries to remain faithful to the principles of morality.

The hero, defending the honor of his girlfriend in his young years, appears in jail. The hard life of prison and its “laws” do not break him, but make him stronger. Being released from prison, however, he again faces a difficult choice. This time his friend’s life is the price of his freedom…

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